Sunday, 7 August 2016

The 2 Nicest Hot Wheels Dodge Vans Ever...

Okay, your opinion might be different than mine, but the Super Treasure Hunt '77 Custom Dodge Van and the Sweet Treets Dubble Bubble '66 Dodge A100 are easy choices for the nicest Dodge vans Hot Wheels has ever done. Hot Wheels has done several great Dodge vans, especially with the A100 casting (Check them All Out Here), but these two, 11 years apart in 1:1 scale, make a perfect pair.

The Mooneyes Super, as it's casually called, is easily the 2015 Super-Treasure-Hunt-of-the-Year. While I was nearly as impressed by the Kool Kombi in Spectraflame Teal and the final fling between Mattel and Ferrari, the 599XX, the deep gold of the Mooneyes, licensed tampo work and moon disc wheels made it a clear winner for me. While I'm not a '77 completist like I am with the '66 A100, I can't pass up better examples of the casting. To me the pinnacle of '77's is the 2015 Mooneyes Super Treasure Hunt.

The '66 Dodge A100 is easily one of my favorite Hot Wheels castings ever, which is saying something given the hundreds, if not thousands of Hot Wheels castings in existence. The Dubble Bubble livery is the closest I've seen to a clean, fitting deco on the '66 A100. The tampo work is impressively crisp compared to some of the 'ink-jet-y' looking tampos we see today. Plus, Dubble Bubble is an iconic brand that had its heyday back in the '60's and '70's. So a '66 Dubble Bubble delivery van isn't entirely fantastical.

Together, the '66 Dodge A100 and the '77 Dodge Van make an excellent pair. The first generation and second generation of Dodge vans make for a fine comparison. Combine fantastic decos on both models and the light/dark color contrast between the 2, and you have the 2 nicest Hot Wheels Dodge Vans ever.

Enjoy the photos, and feel free to disagree (or agree) with me in the comments below!

Happy Collecting!!


  1. And of course no Dubble Bubble vans on eBay!

    1. Keep your eye out, I waited awhile for one to pop up on eBay and jumped on it when it did. Good Luck!