Monday, 29 August 2016

Who's Ready for the 2016 Hot Wheels Exotics 5 Pack? 2015's was a Gem...

Another 5 pack? Yep, you bet... I'm on a 5-Pack kick again and it's likely to continue. I think you'll enjoy this one though. Everyone loves the 2015 Hot Wheels Exotics 5-Pack, and while I'm not an exotic car guy per se, I jumped on the bandwagon with this one. I bet you did too. Mattel selected a marvelous assortment of castings for this pack.

The Pagani Huayra is a beautifully cast model. I don't collect it to completion, but the lines on it are darn near perfect. The Porsche 911 GT2 is Hot Wheels 3rd best Porsche casting in a very competitive arena and I'd love to see it more often. The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is a real life rarity and an underrated Hot Wheels model. The Lotus Esprit is a tad nostalgic, as it's been around awhile and still runs with the big boys. While not a favorite of mine, the Lamborghini Aventador J is a decently cast model also.

There's no doubt the 2015 Exotics Pack started out on the right foot casting-wise, but the set doesn't fail to disappoint presentation-wise either. The Porsche 911 GT-2 in lime green with matte black accents and bronze rims is a beauty to behold. It's the easy winner in the pack and one of the best basic-level cars Hot Wheels has put out in years. The burnt orange Competizione gets an incredible amount of detailing up front. The Pagani gets its best deco to-date with the titanium white body and black racing stripes. The blue and white Lamborghini is a predictable, but appealing deco. The Lotus Esprit is another home run deco-wise with a simple black and gold color scheme rolling on old-school gold lace wheels. Killer.

2015's Hot Wheels Exotics 5-Pack will be incredibly tough to beat. Hot Wheels better bring their A-game this year! Are you ready for it? I know I am...

Happy Collecting!!

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