Thursday, 1 September 2016

Auto World Ultra Reds: The Most Beautiful 1/64 Scale Diecast Money can Buy...

Yeah, I know, it's a bold statement. But I stand by it. I didn't say Auto World is the best diecast out there, but their Ultra Red Chase pieces are the most stunning 1/64 scale models money can buy. Auto World hasn't given us anything as crazy-cool as Greenlight has with Walter White's RV. Nor do they offer realism at a $1 price point a la Matchbox. Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts get way more attention than Ultra Reds do. M2's models feature more individual pieces and unique licensing combinations. Kyosho and TLV have way more JDM and Euro castings while Auto World has largely relegated itself to US car-makers. Bright colors and opening doors? Leave that to Majorette.

Yes, there are lots of things Auto World doesn't do, and that's a good thing. When it comes to beautiful 1/64 scale models, however, Auto World is king. The realism, detail, quality and most of all scale are bar none the best in 1/64 scale. I'm constantly reminding myself I'm not looking at photos of 1/18 scale models. The details are that good.

Auto World models are obviously great in my books, but the ultra-reds take it one step further. The red paint is great. It's like spectraflame or Green-Machine green but Auto World gets kudos for making its chase cars red. Nearly all of the American classics they cast came in a red version anyways, so it's fitting. The beauty of Ultra Reds is that they allow us to compare the models side-by-side. When each model's the same color you get an incredible sense of the consistency, detail and proper scale that Auto World models feature.

It's hard to put into words, but I'm amazed each time I pop an Auto World from the package. The hood opens right. It's heavy. Nothing is misaligned or falling off. Every detail is perfect. A lot of thought clearly went into the model. And with shimmering red paint, you gotta say it's beautiful...

Happy Collecting!!

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