Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Walking Dead Crown Vic Epitomizes what Greenlight does Best!

Do I watch the Walking Dead TV show? No. Is the Ford Crown Victoria a tired and slightly overused Greenlight casting? Yes. So why on earth am I ga-ga over a Walking Dead Crown Vic? The model captures precisely what Greenlight does so well.

First off, they get great Hollywood licensing. Sure Hot Wheels does Entertainment vehicles, but Greenlight is king. Walking Dead? Breaking Bad? Big Lebowski? Those are all awesome licenses and Greenlight has them all. Secondly, the licensed cars are great diecast whether you care about the licensing or not. I don't care for Walking Dead, but this car is cool regardless of what TV series it comes from. Third, Greenlight gets a ton of mileage from their castings. While this is a knock on them at times, when they start overusing castings, it allows a small company to put out a huge variety of diecast for collectors without having the massive budget of a juggernaut like Mattel.

Last, but not least, this model captures what Greenlight does very best of all: unique features. How many cars in your diecast collection have a muddy windshield? None. And if they did, would they have a partially clear window where the wiper-blades cleared a little mud off? I doubt it. Would they have realistic license plates, luggage on top, and a missing hubcap? No. The amount of detail, and unique detail too, packed into one model for $7 bucks is astounding.

Metal base? Check. Real Riders? Check. TV licensing? Check. A car accurate to the TV show? Yup. Unique, one of a kind muddy windows? Yup. Luggage rack? Another check. I can keep going. The Walking Dead Crown Vic is precisely what Greenlight does best. They take a fairly tired casting, that I didn't think would get another unique release, put some crazy cool features and licensing on it and bam, you've got an accurately scaled, high quality, very unique piece of diecast. I love collecting Greenlight, and models like this are precisely why!

Happy Collecting!!

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