Thursday, 8 September 2016

Up Close and Personal: The Hot Wheels Hot Trucks 5-Pack!

By now you're probably thinking I should change the blog's name to 'The Western 5-Pack Review'. I know I've been on a 5-pack kick that doesn't want to end. How can I stop my habit when Mattel continues to churn out 5ers that are getting better and betterÉ The Hot Trucks pack might be the best of them all. It's the first since the Muscle Mania Pack where every single model is a keeper. When I get a new 5 pack it gets opened and I choose the models I put in my collection and toss the rest in a bucket that will be sold/given away. With this pack, not a single model landed in the 'get-rid-of' bucket.

What is it about pickup trucks that we love so much? Maybe it's that they encapsulate the work hard/play hard mentality perfectly. Maybe it's because they're big and mean. Or is it nostalgia? Whatever it is, it's translated to the diecast collecting world. Everywhere you turn manufacturers are spitting out 1/64 scale pickups. I've said it before, but trucks are 2nd to JDM right now in terms of hype-factor. Hot Wheels alone has released an entire Car Culture set and an entire 5-Pack of pickups at the same time. Not to mention the Datsun 620 that seems to get a re-color each wave of 9/10 packs. Or all pf the great mainline pickups, like the recent Walgreen's exclusive Dodge Ram.

I digress, but the point is that trucks are indeed hot and this is one hot 5-Pack. The '83 Silverado is king. My initial favorite was the '50's Ford, but once I opened them up and photographed them, the Silvy came out on top. 3rd place for me is the lifted Tundra. It's a nice truck and looks even better lifted. I'm not a fan of the lowered look, but I like the tailgate detail and silver/green color dichotomy on the Titan. Last place for me is the Ford F-150. It's a solid casting, but the chrome interior, flames and lack of taillight headlight tampos are a real bummer. In fact, I'm noticing the lack of taillights/grilles/headlights more and more on multipack cars. I know flashy side tampos sell 5-packs, but c'mon Mattel throw us a bone and get some headlights on these things. Enjoy the photos!!

'83 Chevy Silverado

Ford F-100

Toyota Tundra

Nissan Titan

Ford F-150

Happy Collecting!!

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