Monday, 26 September 2016

Hot Wheels HW Art Cars: You Dig 'Em?

WARS! His cover photo for this post says 'wars', TWDR is Illuminati! Confirmed. No, the Hot Wheels Art Cars actually spell out 'HW ART CARS 16' when you get the full set. Since I only bought the good ones from the set (read: the ones I think look good), I couldn't spell out the intended message. The best I could come up with is 'WARS'. Kinda depressing, huh?

Well, the Hot Wheels 10 Car Art-Car Set is anything but depressing. This blog is geared towards the collector, but the HW Art Cars appeal to kids and collectors alike. If you're anything like me, you're on the realism-at-all-costs bandwagon, and stuff like this wouldn't normally appeal to you. Despite their wacky deco though, HW Art Cars do appeal to me. And let's be honest, Hot Wheels has always been about flair, originality and even all-out-craziness. There's Auto World if you want perfect accuracy in scale, detail and deco. Hot Wheels, on the other hand, is supposed to be flash and flair.

Well, Art Cars are pure flash and flair and they're pretty good at it too. I applaud this 10-Car set for a number of reasons. The tampo work makes its way to nearly every side of the vehicles. That level of tampo work is normally reserved for Super Treasure Hunts and premium releases these days. Check out that Impala. Not one corner of it is without tampos. The '70s Dodge Van is fantastic. I love the casting, although I find the massive moon roof detracts from it somewhat. By covering it in tampos, I can't even tell it exists. The VW Squareback is another brilliant casting choice; hippie-era paint scheme meets hippie-era car. The Combat Medic is my favorite. It works so well with the graphics scheme.

In addition to spot-on casting selection, having the car artwork spell out a phrase is fun for kids and helps Mattel sell one of each car in the set. Enjoy the photos!!

Happy Collecting!!

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