Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Casting Complete: All 10 Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X!

While I don't slavishly buy every JDM model Hot Wheels releases, I certainly enjoy a selection of JDM castings, particularly the older ones. The Skyline H/T 2000GT-X (we'll call it the Hako from here on out) is a very, very close 2nd to my favorite JDM casting: The '90 Honda Civic EF. It's an old school Skyline, well cast and perhaps the prettiest Skyline Nissan ever put out. It's a winner and I have to have every release. With the 2011 First Editions arriving in the mail last week, I'm now up to date, including variations, on this Jun Imai-designed stunner.

The Hot Wheels Hakosuka has several 'roll-cage' variations. It debuted in 2011 featuring a roll cage and was followed by a 2013 Boulevard release also featuring a roll cage. In 2014, Hot Wheels decided to do a mainline and a zamac counterpart. Each featured roll-cage and no-roll-cage variants. Then came Road Trippin' and Heritage. One had a roll-cage and one didn't. No variations. 2016 has seen the Hako variations return in the Cur Culture line's Japan Historic line. That Hako can be found with or without roll-cage.

Confused yet? Have no fear. Here are all 10 Hot Wheels Hakos, variations included. Which ones do you have? Which are you still looking for?

2011 First Edition/New Model

2013 Boulevard

2014 Mainline: No Roll Cage

2014 Mainline Roll Cage

2014 ZAMAC No Roll Cage

2014 ZAMAC with Roll Cage

2015 Road Trippin'

2015 Heritage

2016 Car Culture (Japan Historics) No Roll Cage

2016 Car Culture With Roll Cage

Happy Collecting!!


  1. Yes! Crack these open! Let 'em breathe!

  2. Yes! Crack these open! Let 'em breathe!

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