Tuesday, 6 September 2016

All 4 Versions of the Stunning Hot Wheels Porsche 935/78 Casting!

Some Hot Wheels castings have that awesome factor whether you're a JDM, domestic, muscle car or Euro guy/gal. Heck, even if you're not a Hot Wheels person, you've got to love the Porsche 935/78 casting. Its 2012 debut in the Road Racing Series showed was perfect. That version remains the best iteration to date.  It's got that it factor that a few recent Hot Wheels racers seem to. Think about the Greenwood Corvette or the BMW CSL Race Car casting. We don't know why they're perfect Hot Wheels, but they just are.

Next, there was a Flying Customs release. After the Road Racing release, you might scratch your head while looking at the Flying Customs. When you put it in the '80's/blackwall/Flying Customs context, though, it's actually perfect. Next was the Porsche Series release. This is the first and only 'mainline' release of the 935 casting. It worked well in the Porsche Series, but was hurt by poor wheel choice and a plastic base.

Fast forward to 2016 and we are anticipating the Car Culture Track Day Porsche 935/78. Luckily Magnus Walker shared some photos of it on Instagram. We've included one below. It's a nice release and an easy 2nd place to the Road Racing Release. I'm patiently waiting for the first release to be topped, but I doubt it will be. It's that good...Enjoy the Photos!!

Happy Collecting!!

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