Monday, 5 September 2016

My Favorite Hot Wheels Part I: Volkswagen Caddy

I've had an ongoing 'My Favorite Matchbox' series of posts that I hope you've enjoyed. Or at least indulged me by reading. Anyhow, I thought why not start a similar series for my favorite Hot Wheels castings.

Every so often on Instagram or Facebook a 'pick your 5 favorite Hot Wheels castings' thing starts going viral. Picking your 5 favorite castings is a fun exercise, but I tend not to participate. Why? There are just too many castings to choose from. And I think pitting vintage redline, black-wall era and post-1994 castings against each other is simply unfair. So my project for another day becomes choosing my top-10 castings from 1968-74, '75-'94, and '95-'16. Not an easy task, but more manageable.

Where does this 'my favorite Hot Wheels' blog post series fit in? When I've completed collecting the variations of my favorite casting and there isn't a noteworthy story behind it, it will fall in the 'my favorite Hot Wheels' post bin.

Let's begin with the Volkswagen Caddy. It's my favorite new model from 2015 and one of my favorite castings of the modern era of Hot Wheels. It's not stock, but it's clean and realistic. It's the only accurate first-gen (post-aircooled) VW casting Hot Wheels offers. It's proportioned right and has nice little touches like the skateboard in the bed. My only complaint? It hasn't been released more. Hopefully that will change over time and we'll see it get some premium releases, like the Subaru Brat and Datsun 620 have received. Enjoy the photos...

Happy Collecting!!

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