Thursday, 15 September 2016

HW Gran Turismo Hitting the US in Full Force: A Few Highlights!

I collect what I like, and I hope you do too. Otherwise it becomes more than a hobby. It's about out-doing one another. It's easy to drift into that mindset and I've been guilty of it myself. Okay I'm done moralizing, but my I bring this up because I only bought 4 out of 8 Hot Wheels Gran Turismo Series. Why? Because I only like 4 models enough to add them to my permanent collection. Sure it's fun to complete sets, and sometimes I'll grab models I don't intend to keep forever so I can provide you guys a full review on this blog. But today I want to look at my favorites from the recent Hot Wheels Gran Turismo set. It's hitting the US in full force now, and dare I say these are the 4 best models in the set.

Let's start with the winner. Skyline? Ford GT? I can't decide. Give me some help in the comments below. I don't think one model is better then the other, these two are that good, but I'll give the GT the (very slight) nod. When I cracked it open, I was flabbergasted. The thing is a beast, and a work of art at that. I have no idea how it only costs $1 US (or even $2.46 in Canada) Details on every corner (taillights are absent, but it's a race car so who cares) and the front end, roof and side details more than make up for the back end. The GT is a beautiful casting and the all-black look really accentuates the curvatures of the model.

A very, very close second is the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34). I really enjoy the matte black accents Hot Wheels is using lately. Here, the hood gets the full matte black treatment. The Nissan lettering and taillight tampos are welcome and realistic. Plus it's red and black? Who doesn't like a red/black color scheme?

3rd place goes to the Jaguar XJ220. The Jag's a real dark horse in this series. It's an old casting and shouldn't look good but it does. It's a little nostalgic and gets one of the best decos it's seen. The pearl white holds its own with the newer castings in the set.

The Aston Martin One-77 is great too. It's the nicest deco I've seen on the casting and a well cast model of a super rare real car. Definitely worth picking up.

What about the other 4 cars in the set? The Pagani looked bland to me, but collectors have noted it's subtleties are worth checking out. The 2 lambos were just 2 more lambos I don't need in my increasingly crowded collection. The Viper was solid too, but again not a must have for me.

So get to your local stores (Walgreens in the US and WalMart in Canada are where I've heard they're hitting hardest) and pick up the models you want. Or go ahead and get the whole set. They're all worthy choices. I'd love to hear what your favorites are in the comments below!!

Happy Collecting!!

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