Monday, 12 September 2016

Major Winner: The Majorette Nissan Skyline GT-R!

Kyosho and Tomica Limited Vintage are kings of 1/64 scale GT-Rs. Hot Wheels has given us our first premium taste in the Entertainment line's Gran Turismo batch. Greenlight developed a worthy representation that debuted this past year. A side-by-side is in order, but for now, let's look at the 2 stunning Skyline GT-R's from Majorette.

I had many Majorette 'made in France' models during my childhood. I loved the springy suspension and opening doors. As I got older I became less interested in the varied scales and oversized wheels (on the old models), but I've always had a soft spot for Majorette. The brand hasn't been widely available, if available at all, in Canada over the past decade. Thankfully, Majorette has made a comeback. For my US readers, I speculate (and it's pure speculation) a successful trial in Canada, where consumer tastes somewhat mirror those in the US, will result in the brand becoming available in the US. For now you can drool over these or get a friendly Canadian to hook you up.

I am more than impressed with the Majorette GT-R. Despite being a massive Greenlight fan, I've never bothered to pick any of their GT-Rs up. While the Kyoshos and TLV's are splendid, they're out of my budget. So Majorette it is. The biggest complaint I've heard about Majorette are price and wheel choice. Interestingly, the wheels make these GT-Rs for me. Majorette has certain wheels that lean towards the ugly side. But thankfully, both of these GT-R's feature fantastic wheels. I had to flip em upside down to make sure they were really plastic. They look like Real Riders, they're that good.

Let's talk price. At $5 Canadian, the argument can be made that Majorette is overpriced. With the low dollar, though, that's only $3.50 US, about the price you'd pay for a Greenlight Motor World GT-R with a plastic base. Sure, the Majorette has plastic tires, but it also gets opening doors. Some collectors couldn't care less for opening doors, and while I don't particularly care either, you've got to admit they're pretty dang cool!

So the wheels are great and the price is okay, what about the rest? The proportions are great. I'm impressed with the lines and how accurately the real GT-R is represented in 1/61 scale. (Yup, that's the scale) The next best thing about the Majorette is the color and detailing. The taillight detailing and emblems on the rear of the car are great. I also can't get enough of the matte blue paint.

To conclude, I won't be picking up every Majorette. If the price comes down a bit and the wheel choices are better, I'll scoop up every one. There are however, some must have Majorettes. This pair of GT-Rs is a must have. They're a great start to your Majorette collection and a great addition to your GT-R/JDM collection. That's a win in my books!

Happy Collecting!!

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