Sunday, 11 September 2016

Black and White or Not, Matchbox Rules Police Vehicles!

A few Sundays ago we looked at a few of the best Matchbox black/white police vehicles. Today, I want to look at a few of my favorite police vehicles that are not black and white. Matchbox has a knack for doing the most unique and interesting police rides on the planet in 1/64 scale.

This is just a small assortment of some favorites. Lamborghini Gallardos, 1955 Chevy BelAirs, BMW M5s, '70s Dodge Royal Monacos, Matchbox does it all in police form. I'm impressed. Shall we take a quick look? There's not much to say except that these cop cars rock. Especially that Dodge Monaco. The M5 in Deutsche livery is exceptional also. Oh and taillight tampos on the Ford Interceptor? Perfect. Push bar? Check.

If you want pricier, more detailed police vehicles with liveries licensed by police forces around North America, look no further than Greenlight's 21 mixes of Hot Pursuit vehicles. But if you want quality, $1 police cars think Matchbox. Enjoy the Photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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