Friday, 23 September 2016

New Night Burnerz 5 from Hot Wheels: At Least the Skyline is Great!

Like the Hot Wheels Volkswagen and HW Flames 5-Packs a month ago, the Hot Trucks 5-Pack and Night Burnerz have set collectors afire this week. The Hot Trucks is by far the better set, with all 5 models being keepers. Night Burnerz has generated hype largely based on one model: The Nissan Skyline GTR (R-34). Sure the Volkswagen New Beetle is great too, and the Chrysler 300C is bearable, but the Audacious and Pony Up are duds. The Audacious is a tolerable fantasy model, with realistic looks, so I can handle it, but it's not one that will stay in the collection long term. The Pony-Up is a hard no in my books.

All is not lost though. I really enjoy the VW New Beetle casting and always have. The pop-off feature has been missing from several recent releases, which detracts from the model a little and the lack of taillight/headlight tampos relegates it to 2nd place in the set. The Skyline is a clear winner. Beautiful tampo work, including taillights really set off the bright yellow paint. Of all Skylines, this generation is my least favorite (come at me haters) but this is one of the better decos Hot Wheels has used on the casting.

The Chrysler 300 is a solid casting too. It's proportionally accurate and a cool(ish) car, but the metal base/plastic body really prevents it from shining. I'd rather see Mattel go to a plastic base and give it a metal body instead. The Audacious falls in the category of very realistic fantasy casting. It makes for a decent tuner wagon, especially with this tampo work. But we've seen it lots and it doesn't do much for me this time around. The Pony Up is vaguely based on a Ford Mustang, but I'll stick to the licensed Mustang castings with the plethora of well done Hot Wheels Stangs that exist out there.

The Verdict: Many will pick up this pack for the Skyline. I grabbed it for the Beetle and ended up preferring the Skyline. Heck, I even know a few Chrysler 300C fans out there. Not a great 5-Pack, but a good one and worth picking up depending on your tastes. Enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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