Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Only 2 Greenlight Dodge Monacos Have Ever Received the Full Green-Body Treatment!

The 1974-77 Dodge Monaco is easily one of Greenlight's best castings. While many 1970's cars are just plain ugly, big 4-Door saloons like the Monaco ruled the decade. Greenlight replicates mid-'70's Dodge Monacos perfectly in civilian, police and Hollywood styles. With opening hoods, tonneau-tops, accurate headlights, realistic emblems, door-latches and taillights, the Monaco can't be faulted for lack of detail. It's perfectly scaled and well proportioned. These beasts are big. The trunk looks like it can fit more dead bodies in it than a Scorsese gangster flick. It's a real gem.

So the '70's Monaco is a great casting, but let's talk chase pieces. Greenlight's chase program sees 2% of the run on each model that they produce get green features. That means rims, bases, tires, bodies or some combination thereof will get a metallic green finish. Like most collectors, I prefer the green-body Green Machines to those with green rims and bases. The metallic green gives cars a beautiful look while maintaining some level of realism with stock rims and tires.

For whatever reason, in 32 releases, the Greenlight Dodge Monaco has only received the full-green body Green Machine treatment twice. Once in Country Roads Series 13, and recently in Hot Pursuit Series 19. Here are the 2 emeralds cracked open and photographed for your enjoyment. I think you'll appreciate them as much as I do...

Happy Collecting!!

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