Sunday, 18 September 2016

Police, Fire or Ambulance, Matchbox does the Best Emergency Vehicles!

Since we took a look at some Matchbox police vehicles last Sunday, how about some firetrucks (and an ambulance) today? Matchbox does emergency and service type vehicles excellently, and at a $1 price point. Here are a few of the better Fire Truck castings Matchbox uses. My favorites are the old-school, vintage fire engines. They're real works of art compared to our modern behemoths. Matchbox also does generic fire trucks right. Since firetrucks don't have the same brand recognition as civilian vehicles, Matchbox can throw us an unlicensed firetruck and the untrained eye won't know the difference. I know I always have to check.


1963 Mack B Fire Truck

Pierce Dash

Hazard Squad

Ford E-350 Ambulance

Happy Collecting!!

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