Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Ranking Hot Wheels' BMW Castings: A Futile Exercise?

Why am I doing this post? Truth be told, there so many good Hot Wheels BMW castings and a few great ones, so I thought it'd be fun to go through each (I'm missing a few) one-by-one in order from worst to best. It's a subjective exercise; I don't claim to have any spectacular Hot Wheels ranking abilities. So let me know your rankings in the comments below! Here we go... (worst to first)

BMW K 1300R

This one's a bit unfair, and it's actually a nice casting. But I'm not a huge motorcycle fan, and the scale's way off.

BMW E36 M3 Race

This casting should be really nice, as it's a cool car in real life, but sadly the Hot Wheels doesn't measure up. The proportions feel all wrong on this one.


Not a horrible casting but just doesn't do it for me, especially with the plastic spoiler.

'10 BMW M3

We're now in the range of good BMW castings. The M3 is well executed but rather bland and boring compared to the intricacies of the new M4 casting.

BMW Z4 Motorsports

Another good BMW casting with nice curves. The chin comes out a little far, but that's all part of the racing look isn't it?


I love, love, love this casting. The scale and molded casting details are not as good as some of the great BMW castings because this is an older casting, but boy is it a good one.


I can't stress how excellent this casting is. We're now in the excellent BMW casting range. The M4 is exceptionally executed. Every curve and line of the real car is replicated in the casting. Plus it gets great detailing and the carbon roof. Everything just looks right.

'92 BMW M3

We're now in the 'Top 3' BMW castings. At this point I'm darned if I do, darned if I don't. All 3 of these castings are classic BMW's, well done, and just excellence all the way around. The '92 is first on many collectors' lists. '90's BMWs have a cult following and what better than an M3? The lines and proportions are right. It feels a little big for me, and that's why it's relegated to 3rd place.

'73 BMW CSL 3.0 Race Car

I know it just came out, but it's not too early to judge. The detail, stance and scale are all spot on on the CSL. Plus its racy curves are a beauty to behold. I can't wait for more releases of this one.

BMW 2002

And the winner is...the 2002! Yeah, the 2002 is an old, old school BMW. It's tiny, and captured perfectly by Hot Wheels. I'm very impressed with the scale of this one. It takes top spot as my favorite Hot Wheels BMW casting!

Your Turn...

Let me know in the comments below how your favorites stack up!

Happy Collecting!!

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  1. I agree with your ranking, nothing to add on that part. I would say though that my thirst for Euros is better quenched with MBX thanks to a greater variety of casting and more realism.