Friday, 7 October 2016

2 Diecast Brands, 2 Generations, 2 Sweet Ford Raptors!

This started out as a comparison post, but I quickly realized it's an unfair comparison. The Matchbox 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a 2010 model year pickup truck and the casting debuted in 2010. Mattel and Ford have both come a long way in 6-7 years. The Hot Wheels 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor gets some cast-in details for 2016 that the Matchbox casting missed out on. Also, Ford is in a new generation of trucks, and the 2017 is a different (and better looking) beast than the 2010 Raptor was. So if we're picking favorites, the Hot Wheels wins. But if we're collecting diecast, the Matchbox is a well-cast 1/64 scale model of last generation's Raptor that complements the Hot Wheels.

In other words, both trucks are winners. The Matchbox suffered from some poor decos between 2011 and 2013, but when done clean, it has delivered. Another plus for the Matchbox is that it gets side mirrors. The Hot Wheels doesn't, but why not on a model that's too lifted to work in track sets anyways? The Matchbox gets a stock ride height, which is usually a win in my books, but who buys a Raptor and doesn't lift it? I know they lift 'em where I'm from. Ultimately, the Matchbox is nice. When it's got a good deco, I'm in. It fits nicely with my other Matchbox pickups.

The Hot Wheels, on the other hand, is a mean, monstrous beast. It's got the jacked-up, coal-rollin', off-road look, but it's less exaggerated than on the cartoonishly lifted Hot Wheels Dodge Ram 1500. The casting itself gets some incredible detailing. I love the massive embossed 'FORD' lettering on the tailgate. It ensures Mattel won't keep proper tailgate details off in the future to cheap out on tampo work. The headlights, door-lines and truck-box details are all cast-in and provide exceptional realism and detail at the $1 price point. Finally, we've got to talk deco. It's not clean, per se, but it's fitting to see the blue oval and 'Raptor' graphics grace the truck's sides. A little busy, but tasteful. Oh, and the Ford 'Liquid Blue' color is perfect. I've featured that one before (or have I? I know I have it), so today we'll look at the also-sharp charcoal gray re-color.


Happy Collecting!!

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