Saturday, 1 October 2016

2 of the Best Hot Wheels Camaros aren't from the '60's...

The '67 Camaro is easily one of the most ubiquitous Hot Wheels castings. Period. Before the 510 Wagon and the '83 Silverado, the '67 Camaro and VW Drag Bus reigned supreme in hype-land. Then there was the original redline Custom Camaro and Heavy Chevy, both '60's Camaros. More recently, we've seen the '69 Camaro in hardtop and convertible. All of the '60's Camaros Hot Wheels has done are great. They're classics and have a cult following.

However, 2 of the best Hot Wheels Camaros aren't from the '60's. Two of the most nicely cast and proportioned Camaros are the '70 Camaro Road Race and the '85 Camaro IROC-Z. Of course the '67 Camaro is a Hot Wheels legend, but let's be honest, with the advanced toolings we have today, it's not the most accurate or detailed car out there. The '70 Road Race, on the other hand, is accurately scaled (it's a big beast), gets proper door lines and the rest. Unfortunately, I only have one example of it, so I'll place more focus on the '85 IROC.

The '85 Camaro IROC-Z is the iconic douche-bag car of the '80's. That doesn't mean it isn't a cool car. I'm seeing fewer and fewer '80's Camaros on the roads, and the scarcity has given me a new appreciation for them. Douchey or not, '80's Camaros are darn cool and Hot Wheels has managed to wonderfully replicate the IROC-Z in all it's '80's hair band bravado. I've got two multipack exclusives, both with plastic bases, but clean deco and nice detail. The '85 also got a metal base for its HWC release in the Real Riders series. I'm still kicking myself for not picking that one up when it was cheap. We all have those regrets. Thanks, eBay. Anyways, the recent Target exclusive retro-card-art release got a metal base. What's gotten into you Mattel? A metal base on a non-premium car? Shhh don't tell accounting. Anyways...the metal base is excellent.

There you have it. Two fantastic Camaros from Hot Wheels that aren't from the '60's. Enjoy...

Happy Collecting!!

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  1. I have the Iroc-Z from the Flag Series 5-pack (Mexico).