Sunday, 30 October 2016

3 Hot Ford Hatches from Hot Wheels!

I could call this post 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly', but I'll refrain. The Hot Hatch is back with cars like the Golf GTI, the new Civic hatchback, and of course, the high power Ford Focus RS. The RS is a brand new casting and is beautifully done. While I appreciate the 'ice racer' livery on the '12 Ford Fiesta, and it's a cool car in real life, the Hot Wheels casting is actually rather ugly when you strip away the fancy liveries. Just look at the back end. Yuck. The '09 Ford Focus RS would be the 'bad'. Not a bad casting, but not a pretty car in real life and it certainly doesn't look good with flourescent orange windows.

Okay, now that I've got that off my chest, I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the new '16 Ford Focus RS from Hot Wheels. The front detailing and clean blue paint scheme combined with nice proportions is exceptional. Now if only we can get the 'liquid blue' color on the casting like we've seen on the GT350, Ford GT and Ford Raptor. They'd make an incredible set. For now, I'm satisfied with the plainer blue color on the Focus' debut.

The '09 Focus isn't exactly a bad casting. It looks quite nice in some of the cleaner decos it's seen. The version featured here looks bad though. The Fiesta has a lot of potential but something's off, especially at the back. Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think of these 3 hot hatches from Ford in the comments below!

Happy Collecting!!


  1. I would take a 4-door MK7 GTI with the performance pack for my day to day needs (fits 2 child seats, groceries) and occasional adrenaline fix. Plus the interior is not cheap plastic (unlike the Ford). Hatchback and wagon is life; SUVs, minivans, electric cars is giving up on life. Kids are no excuse, I have 2, I drive a hatchback and now also a wagon (although the hatchback alone would do). Driving a minivan/suv is akin to castration, you don't need to give up on life after becoming a father.Remember these wise words, thank me later.

    1. As Sacha Baron Cohen says 'wearing Crocs and eating at Applebees are signs of a man who has lost all hope'. Maybe driving a minivan/SUV is in the same category? I'm not quite sure though. There are some cool SUVs out there haha.