Monday, 3 October 2016

Cracking Open 2 Auto World Ultra Red Chase Pieces!!

For sometime, I was a cardboard collector. I kept my diecast models sealed away in their perfectly mint
plastic blisters and cardboard backings. It was fun for awhile, but the packaging detracted from the cars. There were certain angles you couldn't see the car from, the curves of the blister packs distorted the lines of the car and I couldn't roll the cars around or investigate the opening features. For these reasons I've slowly but surely become an 'opener'.

While much of my collection remains carded because of temporary storage/display constraints, I'm regularly loosening much of it from its cardboard shackles. Chase pieces aren't spared in the process. Limited or not, if I'm keeping it long term, it's getting ripped open. That's exactly what's happened with these two Auto World Ultra Reds. I've lauded Auto World chases before, so I couldn't resist cracking open this pair of beauties to admire.

Ultra Reds are limited to just 3% of the run of any given Auto World release. These two are no exception. The 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger from Release 1 and the 1966 Mercury Comet Cyclone from Release 2 are both exceptional releases. The detail is astounding on these cars--the photos tell that story quite vividly. As always the scale is spot-on and the quality is top notch. The Mercury is actually the first Auto World car I've had any sort of minor quality control issue with. Something's wrong with the front axle that causes the car to sit on 3 wheels instead of squarely on all 4. This seems to be an isolated issue as Auto World releases rarely suffer from the paint flaking, askew tires, hoods that won't stay shut and falling-off bumpers that plague other premium brands.

Enjoy the photos. I'm really, really happy with how this set turned out and that's mostly to do with the astounding quality of the Auto World Models...

Happy Collecting!!

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