Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Emerald Trio: The Matchbox 55th Anniversary Releases!

Back in 2007, Matchbox released 3 mainlines with emerald green paint for its 55th anniversary in 2008. The green paint has some sparkle to it and evokes the signature color of Greenlight's chase program. The Matchbox releases weren't branded as 'chase pieces' per se, but were something similar. The color is great, but the models are even better. I couldn't resist cracking 'em open and showing 'em off.

Lets address the proverbial elephant in the room first. Should Matchbox have a 'chase' program like Hot Wheels does with Treasure Hunts? That question's been bandied around for years and even posited to collectors. With Matchbox being the only major brand without a chase program, it seems like it's only a matter of time. From a collector perspective, I'm opposed to a Matchbox chase program. As it stands, Matchbox is the only brand where I seem to find every single release on the pegs. In 2015, the Checker Cab was the only model to elude me. I can't say the same for Hot Wheels or Greenlight. From a business perspective however, it might behoove Matchbox to entice collectors to the pegs with a chase program.

Back to the 55th Anniversary models. I digressed with the chase issue because these 3 cars demonstrate that Matchbox chase cars could look good. The 55th Anniversary trio really works because of casting choice and execution. The Austin Mini Van 1965 is a British classic and a Matchbox classic. What better casting to pay tribute to the brand's rich heritage? The Lexus GS 430 is a modern Japanese saloon and an iconic casting of the so-called 'Golden Age'. Finally, the '72 Ford Bronco represents America and another class Matchbox excels in: off-roaders. Ultimately the mix was a perfect representation of what Matchbox does well and the proper wheel choice and clean, green paint resulted in perfect execution. The anniversary insignia on each vehicle added detail without taking away from thire clean profiles.

Ultimately, the 55th Anniversary cars form a cool little trio. If you don't have them, pick them up on eBay. They're not overly expensive. If you work for Matchbox, consider this a chase-program template. If you have these emeralds, enjoy the photos and crack yours open too...

Happy Collecting!!

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