Monday, 24 October 2016

My Favorite Hot Wheels Part II: '70 Chevy Blazer

This marks installment two of the 'My Favorite Hot Wheels' Series. Installment one featured the VW Caddy and today we're looking at the '70 Chevy Blazer. The Blazer is easily one of the most underrated Hot Wheels castings. Period. Sadly, I only have two variations so far. I was on hiatus from collecting in 2011-13 when Mattel was furiously popping out Blazers. Now, many of them have gone up in price and I haven't obtained them.

For now, I'm stuck with the Luke Cage and Archie models. They're both great releases, but not the best this casting has seen. Despite not being a fan of busy graphics, I do enjoy Luke Cage, and the recent Netflix Series has increased my enjoyment of this model. The Archie Comics model is great because I like the nostalgia of Archie Comics. If you're not a fan, you may not enjoy the livery as much as I do.

The '70 Blazer does everything right. It's a clean casting, we don't see it too much in 1/64 scale (if at all) and it's got that classic Hot Wheels 'rake'. Yeah, it's a winner. It also joins the ranks of my favorite post-redline era Hot Wheels castings. Enjoy the photos and hopefully there will be more Blazers in the future!

Happy Collecting!!

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