Sunday, 2 October 2016

Casting Complete: Hot Wheels '70 Ford Escort RS 1600

Another casting checked off the list. Of course there will be more releases of the '70 Ford Escort, I'm sure, but since we're in that little lull between the most recent release showing up before another is announced, it's time for a 'casting complete' post. I've done 1 or 2 of these posts already and will continue to do them. They serve as a nice little checklist and allow me to keep track of variations.

The Escort was an easy casting to complete. All 4 versions were $1 peg finds, but that doesn't mean it's not an exceptional casting. Debuting in blue, the Escort got Fast and Furious licensing and accuracy. Talk about starting with a bang! The white re-color wasn't licensed, but reversed the color scheme of the debut release; this time white with blue striping. Mattel pulled off the same nifty little feat with 2016's Castrol liveries. The first release was red with white and green Castrol decoration, while the second release was white with red detailing. I love when Mattel makes their models more collectible with little nuances like color-swapped liveries.

Let's talk the casting. The '70 Escort RS has a massive cult following in the UK and is the coolest Escort Ford's made. Hot Wheels replicates the 1600 brilliantly with accurate proportions and proper scaling. The rally lights molded into the window piece are genius and all 4 colorways have been welcome. This casting proves Hot Wheels can do busy decos and clean decos well. As much as I praise 'clean diecast', a busy, but accurate(ish) licensed racing livery is just as good.

I hope to see many more releases of this casting, but for now I'll relish that short-lived feeling of completeness. Enjoy the photos...

Happy Collecting!!


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