Thursday, 13 October 2016

Head-to-Head Hot Wheels: Super Treasure Hunt vs. (Retro) Entertainment!

Yeah I know, I'm one of the ones guilty of calling them Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment still when Mattel wants us to call them 'Entertainment'. Since I'm not employed by Mattel, I'll probably continue to slip the 'Retro' in from time to time. Anyhow, today let's compare 2 Hot Wheels '77 Dodge Vans. A '77 Dodge van has to be cool. It's the iconic shaggin' wagon. Let's take a look at how a premium, $5 release measures up to a super-ized $1 mainline.

The Super Treasure Hunt is the Mooneyes van, of course, while the Entertainment release is the Anchorman van. The Entertainment release gets a metal base instead of a plastic one. It also gets incredible front grille and headlight details that the Super is missing. Finally, instead of a see-through sunroof, the Retro gets a tampo'd TV attachment. What does the Super get that the Entertainment release doesn't? Spectraflame paint.

The Spectraflame paint gives the Super some extra pizzazz and looks more appealing overall. The Super gets side and rear tampos, but lacks the rear windows tattooed onto the Anchorman release. Of course most people will prefer the Super. It's hard for the Retro to win against one of the coolest Supers ever. However, if you consider that aftermarket is now your only option for the super, and it will set you back $20-$30, the $5 Anchorman van starts looking pretty good. Plus you'll get a metal base, a movie license and better details.

The best option is to get both, but it's cool to see the differences between the same casting at the Super Treasure Hunt and Premium levels. Enjoy the Photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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