Friday, 28 October 2016

Casting Complete: The Hot Wheels Lotus Esprit S1 (Plus an Error, Minus the Underwater Version)

The Lotus Esprit S1. Boy, do I like this casting. At first, I was happy with the white mainline release with James Bond licensing. When @rplantt on Instagram posted some photos of the premium Entertainment release, he made it look so good I had to have it too. When the yellow variation was previewed a few months ago I was smitten. I managed to find it on the pegs and was even more excited to find a no-rear-wheels error!

All I was missing was the red variant, and it randomly showed up at a local Wal-Mart last week, nearly 2 years after its release. The underwater version is technically a variation of this casting with a modified base, but it's so different it almost deserves to be considered a different casting entirely. Maybe I'll pick it up down the road, but for now I'm satisfied with these 5 land versions.

The Esprit S1 is perhaps the most iconic Lotus, thanks to the James Bond series of films and is one of the most recognizable British sports cars ever. Mattel replicated the car quite nicely in 1/64 scale. The license plate and trim detailing really add a lot to the casting. The Retro Entertainment release looks the same as the white mainline at first glance, but it's anything but. It gets a metal base, meaty real riders, a front license plate and Lotus lettering on the hood.

The only minor complaint I can find with the Esprit S1 casting is that it's ever so slightly too wide. I can't prove it, but it just looks that way. I'll forgive that minor faux pas given how great this casting is overall. Enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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