Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Best Time to be a Hot Wheels Supercar Collector is Now!

There are sports cars, and then there are super cars. What's a super car? There's no hard-and-fast definition, and the introduction of 'hyper-cars' in car culture lingo has confused things further, but super cars are basically way faster and way cooler than sports cars. Oh, and they typically cost more than your house and your neighbor's house combined. Thankfully, the Hot Wheels versions are only $1.

So why is it such a good time to be a Hot Wheels super car collector? Two reasons. First, Hot Wheels is releasing a ton of super car castings in the mainline and they're a diverse bunch. We've got Ford GT's from America, Renault RS01's from France, Lambos from Italy, Astons from the UK and NSX's from Japan.

The second reason Hot Wheels super cars are so great lately is a little more subtle and requires some explanation. In yesterday's post on the Mustang GT350R, I mention how far Hot Wheels castings have come in the last 20 years. It's a rudimentary way of explaining it, but in the past few years Hot Wheels castings look curvier and have more subtle lines and details molded into the casting itself than in years past. This has added depth and 3-D-ness to recent castings, making them less boxy and straightforward than the castings of the '90s. Maybe I've gone loco, but the way Mattel is able to mold lines and details into the castings themselves is suited to the curviness of modern super cars. Still think I'm crazy? Go look at the '17 Ford GT Hot Wheels. You won't find that kind of nuance molded into older Hot Wheels castings.

The new Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo joins the ranks of the best Hot Wheels Lamborghinis. Also new for 2016 is the '17 Acura NSX and the '17 Ford GT, both modern takes on legendary sports cars. The Renault RS 01 debuted in the Hot Wheels line to much applause this year as did the Aston Martin DB10 from the most recent Bond film. While the McLaren P1 first entered the Hot Wheels lineup last year, it looks even sharper in yellow this year.

I know there are many other great Hot Wheels super cars, but these 6 represent what a great time it is to collect Hot Wheels super cars, and Hot Wheels in general. More and more great super cars are entering the Hot Wheels lineup every year and the quality of the castings is increasing. Enjoy...

Happy Collecting!!


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