Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Not all Colors are Created Equal: The Matchbox Dodge Challenger SRT8

I could file this one under the 'My Favorite Matchbox' label, but the Dodge Challenger SRT8 deserves a standalone post, especially when it includes the ever-so-hard-to-find lime green variation. While I don't have all of the Challenger SRT8's from Matchbox (hopefully I will soon), I do have the key lime pie jewel that was found in a very limited quantity of multi-packs.

The story behind the lime green Challenger is that it was only found in multi-packs and only made its way to a selection of multi-packs in Canada. When Lamley Group featured this model a couple years back, it sparked me to go looking for the green Challenger. Of course there were none on eBay, but I could've sworn I'd seen it somewhere in a multi-pack in my city, or at least I'd seen some older multipacks warming the shelves around town. Since I live in Canada, I decided to go hunting. 1st I hit a Walmart about 5 minutes drive from my house. Bam, there was the Green Challenger languishing on the shelves over a year after its release. Next, a Toys R Us 10 minutes away yielded the same multipack. I was flabbergasted to find it still sitting there after all this time.

I ended up parting with one Green Challenger and kept the other. I actually featured it on this very blog in June 2015. I won't hyper-link it, because I was still learning to blog and photograph at the time. But you can look it up.

A friend Brandon, hwc_wheelsbeme on Instagram, found one at a garage sale around the same time I found mine. Other than that one, and the one Lamley featured, I haven't seen this model pop up. It's definitely a gem. It's not quite the signature green Dodge used on its Challengers back in the late 2000's, but it's close and it really pops. It's definitely the coolest color the SRT8 has arrived in.

The orange Challenger is equally charming with the wheel choice and simple mono-color with front/rear tampo format. Same goes for the purple (plum crazy) although I don't particularly care for the dark wheels on that version.

To conclude, the SRT8 is well cast, stock and minimalist.  Everything a Matchbox should be. Enjoy the photos and keep your eye out for that elusive green machine...


Happy Collecting!!

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