Sunday, 16 October 2016

Matchbox is King of the Unique Model Part II...

About a month ago, we did a feature on Matchbox's reign as king of the unique model. You can check that out here. The truth is, Matchbox has so many wildly unique (but realistic) releases, that one post barely scratches the surface. So we're back with part 2!

What other diecast brand can say they've replicated Barack Obama's limo, a heavy duty construction machine, a military grade 4x4, a forklift and an off-road buggy and do it all at a $1 price point. The answer finds Matchbox as the standalone.

I will continue to applaud models like the Forklift, the Scraper and the GHE-O Rescue. Sure 'Golden Age' Chryslers, Mercedes and Porsches are bound to impress, but Matchbox is about workhorses too. Matchbox does two things well. Forklifts on one side, 911's and Gallardos on the other. But if you think about it, these two missions aren't at odds. They all go back to realism. Just like you'll see a realistic Chrysler 300C from Matchbox, you'll get a realistic crop sprayer or limousine.

At the end of the day, Matchbox does stock-looking realism, and they do it well, regardless of whether it's a Skyline or a Zamboni. Hot Wheels can handle the flash and flare, and that's how it should be...enjoy!

Happy Collecting!!

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