Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Patina is all the Rage in Custom Cars and Greenlight's got it Nailed Down...

Patina is the new thing in the car world. Hot Rods, classic VW's and muscle cars are all increasingly sporting the 'patina' look. Patina is basically the oxidization, or rust, that occurs on the finish of metals over time. There's no real science to it, but often a barn find will have large patches of rust or decay on the original finish that give it the 'right look'. More and more restoration specialists are sparing the repaint in favor of the patina look. Case in point, the 1964 Dodge D100 Sweptline restored by the crew at the Gas Monkey Garage TV Series.

Look at the before and after picture on the back of the Greenlight packaging. You'll see that apart from the ride height, the un-restored and restored versions look identical. That's because the 'patina' finish was preserved. Like it or not, the patina thing is in. Far more impressive than the real thing, though, is Greenlight's ability to beautifully render a patina finish in 1/64 scale. It's incredibly cool to see the spots of rust and decay perfectly replicated on a tiny, 3-inch pickup truck. Stuff like this is precisely why Greenlight is so cool. They do stuff that's realistic and reflective of car culture, but it's stuff that other diecast makers can't do or won't do.

Here we are with two stunning patina Dodge D100's from Greenlight. Even the green-bodied Green Machine got the full treatment. I really hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed shooting 'em. This pair is too cool...

Happy Collecting!!

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