Monday, 31 October 2016

Set it Free: The Gleaming Orange Hot Wheels Convention Car 1969 Pontiac GTO!

Cracking open limited-run convention cars is always fun, isn't it? Especially when they're as gorgeous as this orange flamed 1969 Pontiac GTO? I know I had fun cracking this one. I've resisted the urge to open this one so many times and finally I gave in. And I didn't regret it. Detailed mesh grille? Check. Realistic license plates? Yup. Gleaming, bright orange hand polished spectraflame with ghost flames? You bet. Polished metal chrome base and neo-classics wheels? Sure thing.

Cracking open this car made me nostalgic. When I got back into collecting early in 2014, all I cared about were Hot Wheels Neo-Classics. Every time I could pick one up cheap, I did. Since then, the Redline Club has gone down hill. Backorder wait times have reached epic proportions, and the hand polished Spectraflame finish is gone. Tampos look like they come out of an inkjet printer and Neo-Classics wheels are skidding out of favor quicker than ever.

I'm not bashing the Redline Club and HWC nor am I trying to be a Debbie-Downer, I'm telling it like it is in hopes that it changes. I think we're heading in the right direction after seeing the recent LA Convention previews. Spoilers are back, neos are still being donned on club cars and the Spectraflame looks perfect on the recent Gulf Rocket Oil.

As excited as I am about Neo-Classics wheels, I know many of you aren't. If you're a fan of the Hot Wheels brand, however, neos are about as iconic and nostalgic as it gets. I love realism just as much as the next guy and that's why I have an extensive Auto World and Greenlight collection. But when it comes to pure representation of the Hot Wheels brand, nothing does it better than neos. Put em on a classic muscle car like the '69 GTO and pair them with Spectraflame paint, and you're in for a winner. I think the photos defend that thesis pretty well. Enjoy!

Happy Collecting!!

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