Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Johnny Lightning 1960 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon...

Auto World has the 1964 Ford Country Squire Wagon while its sister brand, Johnny Lightning, previously offered a 1960 Ford Country Squire. The Auto World version is a far better casting in my opinion. That makes total sense, though, considering Johnny Lightning wasn't yet under Round 2 ownership when the casting was designed. Plus Auto World is obsessed with scale. But that doesn't mean the Johnny Lightning casting is bad by any means. It's anything but.

Dressed in 'Saturday Evening Post' livery, the 1960 Johnny Lightning wagon impresses. The casting itself feels a little to small, but good wagon castings are few and far between. I can overlook the scale issues given the overall quality of the model, the front and rear detailing, graphics quality and the 'coolness factor'. Gaudy graphics like the 'Saturday Evening Post' livery featured here are going out of style. While I understand that, I don't mind a busy licensed design when it's something nostalgic or classic like Saturday Evening Post.

Overall, I enjoy this model. While I have no ties to Round 2 Models, I'll continue to endorse their product based on its quality and scale. This older Johnny Lightning model is superb, but doesn't quite live up to the new Round 2 productions. I'm hoping to feature some of those soon. For now, enjoy this totally cool wagon...

Happy Collecting!!

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