Saturday, 5 November 2016

2017 Hot Wheels Mainlines are Here! A Few Highlights...

2017 has arrived. While the calendar says otherwise, the 2017 Hot Wheels 'A' case has hit in full force. The 'B' case is showing up internationally and our favorite Brazilian website just previewed the 'D' case the other day. 9/10 packs are also featuring cars a few case codes ahead.

I don't have a ton of models to feature ahead of the game, since I'm not supplied by Mattel and try to avoid 'illegal' sneaks, but here are two models sure to make a splash when they start showing up in single packs: the '73 BMW CSL 3.0 Race Car and the Honda Odyssey. Both models debuted last year and we've been eagerly awaiting more color combos. While the Odyssey features NGK licensing and the BMW gets Castrol, the color schemes make the two an unlikely pair. So, of course, I had to feature them together.

Enjoy the photos and get out there!

Happy Collecting!!


  1. The white Oddysey's price in my country is skyrocketing due to its scarcity. :(

    1. Really? That's interesting! I'm sure it will become a collector favorite!