Saturday, 12 November 2016

These 3 GT-R's Cost the Exact Same Price; Let's Compare...

With the recent popularity of the Nissan GT-R, nearly every diecast brand is jumping on board with their own version. So, I thought it the perfect time to compare 3 GT-Rs from 3 different diecast manufacturers. Fittingly, each of these GT-Rs cost me the exact same price of $4.99 CDN each. The Majorette and Hot Wheels models were purchased at Wal-Mart Canada, while the Greenlight MotorWorld came from Toys R Us Canada.

The first, and most noticeable difference between the castings is scale. The Majorette is actually a slightly larger 1/61 scale compared to the 1/64 scale Greenlight and the Hot Wheels which appears to also be 1/64 scale or slightly smaller. Next, the Hot Wheels gets a metal base, while the other two get plastic bases. The Majorette gets opening doors, while the other two have no opening features. The Hot Wheels and Greenlight both get rubber tires while the Majorette features plastic wheels. The Greenlight gets a separate spoiler piece and separate headlight lenses, while the Majorette and Hot Wheels headlights are part of the windshield piece.

Okay, so who wins? It's hard to pick a winner. All 3 GT-Rs are winners and worthy of the $5 bucks they command. The Majorette looks best from the front because the grille piece is built into the interior and has a more realistic look. The Majorette also wins for having opening parts and side mirrors. The Hot Wheels wins for value. It gets extra licensing, rubber tires and a metal base. The Greenlight wins for its details, scale and realism. Realistic side intakes, separate headlamp pieces and painted signal indicators.

Who loses? The Majorette's scale is off. It's proportions are a little 'chubby' too. (The car is too short). It's missing rubber tires and extra details. The Hot Wheels casting is too small. It looks off and doesn't have the detailing the other 2 do. The Greenlight could use side mirrors and quality is an issue as you can see from the deformed rear spoiler.

All 3 GT-R's here have pluses and downsides. All 3 replicas are good, but pushed to choose a winner I'd go Greenlight. It's missing a metal base at this price point, but if you pony up an extra $2 there are metal base versions available. Unfortunately, the Greenlight has a quality issue with the rear spoiler. It's a shame because it's a separate spoiler piece that looks far nicer than the Majorette or Hot Wheels spoilers. However, the Greenlight packs way more detail in than the other 2 brands do. Also the scale is right and the proportions are spot on which can't be said for the other two.

The Greenlight is my winner, what's yours?

Happy Collecting!!

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