Tuesday, 29 November 2016

It's All the Rage: Greenlight does Gulf Right!

Gulf Racing liveries are all the rage in the 1/64 scale world these days between Hot Wheels and Greenlight. It all started with the 4-car RLC set a couple years ago. The prices of that set skyrocketed on eBay, and the rest is history. Several mainline releases and a pair of RLC releases have seen the Gulf Racing livery since.

Then Greenlight got their hands on the license, and Greenlight did what Greenlight does, churning out half a dozen Gulf-themed Easter egg-blue gems in short order. Today, we're looking at the Greenlight Hitch & Tow Series 7 Ford F-150 with a car hauler trailer alongside a Hobby Exclusive 2016 Chevy Camaro SS. All in Gulf Racing livery, of course.

Everyone knows Hitch & Tow is the coolest series in Greenlight's arsenal. The concept is rudimentary: package a pickup truck or van with a trailer. The execution is anything but. Speed boats, tent trailers, concession trailers with opening service windows, and horse trailers are a smattering of the cabooses Greenlight has commandeered for the Hitch & Tow series. Shockingly, this is the first time I've featured Hitch & Tow on the blog. As a huge Greenlight fan, I'm ashamed of myself. I guess I liked displaying them packaged too much and held off on cracking.

With this particular Hitch & Tow set, I wasn't overly excited about the truck at first. The trailer was what sold me on it. And, boy, does the trailer deliver. The details are astounding. An A/C unit sits atop the trailer with decorated exhaust vents, a working trailer stand comes standard and the rear door opens to reveal a detailed wooden trailer floor. It doesn't get much better in 1/64 scale. The Ford truck, however, blew me away. The details on it are fantastic. The roll cage looks great in person, the headlights and taillights are exceptionally detailed as are the grille, tailgate and emblems. Also, I'm impressed by the sheer size of this beast. The Camaro looks tiny next to it. One final point to note: quality. The Ford had no quality issues. Zero. No oval-ized tires, the truck rolled like a Hot Wheels, no paint smudges or chips and no warped or broken trailer hitch. Hopefully this is a sign of improving quality control at Greenlight.

Let's talk Camaro now. The detail is astounding. Separate taillight and headlight pieces are always a win in my books. The paint is hyper-glossy and the hood opens easily and sits tightly closed. The realism under the hood is phenomenal. It looks like a real Chevy V8 living under there. My only complaint is that the wheels are too small for the wheel wells. Especially the rear wheels. I can live with it, but it detracts from an otherwise perfect piece. Ultimately, Greenlight should've made the easy fix.

To conclude, Gulf Racing liveries are hot these days. It doesn't seem to matter what car it's on, the livery sells. Greenlight has done an awesome job capitalizing on the Gulf trend and has impressed collectors (myself included) in doing so! Enjoy!

Happy Collecting!!

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