Thursday, 17 November 2016

Casting Up-to-Date: Hot Wheels Corvette C7R!

I really enjoy doing these casting-complete posts. They give me a sense of satisfaction at having completed a casting and they provide those of you still working on the casting a visual checklist. The Corvette is a great model with a glaring, obvious flaw. Everyone hates the 'upturned chin'. It's a horse that's been beaten to an early grave long ago. I won't berate the chin any further. I will, however, note Mattel's ingenuity in solving the problem with the recent Gran Turismo release. For the metal base tooling mod, engineers molded the chin into the base, so the slope is gone. You'll see what I mean in the photos.

With the metal base chin mod, we can give the C7R a fair shake and show it the love it deserves. The C7 Corvette is mean looking. It's almost entirely shed the mid-life crisis Corvette image. The C7R is a purebred racehorse version of the C7. Pot-bellied divorcees need not apply. (No offense. I've got the pot-bellied part covered/) Anyways, with the increasing popularity of racing liveries on Hot Wheels cars, now is a perfect time to start collecting the C7R. The yellow debut emulates the Martin & Pratt LeMans livery and looks really sharp doing so.

The Hot Wheels racing liveries are always appreciated, but don't really do much for the C7R. Finally, the Gran Turismo livery is perfect. Sure, it's based on a video game, but the ruby-red paint, meaty Real Riders and proper chin result in a mean looking beauty and perhaps the most underrated gem in the Gran Turismo Entertainment set.

I hope to see more C7Rs from Hot Wheels, especially in premium lines because it will mean the metal base and the proper front end look that comes with it. For now, I'm happy with these quintuplets. Enjoy!

Happy Collecting!!

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