Sunday, 6 November 2016

5000 Club Fiesta: The Michael Heralda Trio...

Michael Heralda is a legendary Mattel artist who has designed countless liveries for Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Well, not actually countless. Heralda gets credited with 5000 Mattel graphics schemes as this trio of Hot Wheels Ford Fiestas indicate. I've joked that Heralda is a race car driver, a farmer and everything in between based on the fantastic 'Heralda businesses' that have graced Mattel releases. I say that in fun, of course, as Heralda has brought us collectors some brilliant decos and is a legend at Mattel.

Case in point, the 5000 club Fiesta Trio. The deco nods to Heralda's first design, a rallye themed Ford Escort. I don't mind the 5000 club deco. In fact I like it. When it's integrated and subtle, designers and artists can put their names or signatures on cars and it works. Other times, it doesn't. Take, for example, the recent Matchbox 'Best Of' Dodge A100. The number 4995 was plastered across the A100 in block numbering. It looked tacky. What was the significance behind it? Heralda's 4995th design. I don't begrudge Heralda's nod to his career at Mattel, but c'mon, 4995? 5000 is a milestone. It makes sense. It's more subtle and a more important milestone. So I like the Fiesta. It works. Plus the rallye/arctic theme going on makes a mediocre casting look pretty sweet. Especially with the zamac option!


Happy Collecting!!


  1. Yup right now I'm focusing on collecting hatchback/hot hatch. And the zamac fiesta, i haven't got it.

    1. I love Hatchbacks too! Golfs, Civics, Focuses are all great!