Tuesday, 15 November 2016

If You're Not Collecting M2, these 2 Econolines are a Perfect Starting Point!

If you don't collect M2 Machines yet, I suggest starting with the Ford Econoline/Falcon Club Wagon castings. This '60's van duo from M2 is timeless, as are the rest of M2's Econoline releases. Actually, I take that back. Don't start with the Econoline. You'll be disappointed by anything you buy afterwards and I still need some of the higher end pieces. The last thing I need is more demand for already sky-high chase piece prices. But honestly, you need Econoline.

Why not start with today's duo. The first is a Falcon Club Wagon (the windowed version of the Econoline) in a stunningly detailed rally racing deco scheme. The seafoam green beauty is easily one of the nicest versions of the casting to-date. It's detailed and artistic without being gaudy. The second van in today's duo is the Econoline Camper Van. The Camper is basically the Falcon with a camper top. The last time M2 released this one, it showed the top popped. While today's beige release has the top closed, you get a spare tire on the front. How cool is that?

By now you probably think I've gone a little loopy constantly extolling the M2 Econoline, especially when I've stopped collecting M2. So what makes the Econoline so great? And why should you collect it? Well first, it falls in the 'so-ugly-it's-cool' category. There's more to it than that, though. Vans are cool. Old vans are even cooler. Old vans in 1/64 scale? Even better. Old vans in 1/64 scale that aren't VW or covered in billboard ads (Hot Wheels Pop Culture...ahem...)? Guaranteed winner. No one can deny '60's VW vans are the coolest. But telling the Econoline a VW is cooler than it is like telling the most jacked guy you know he's not as big as Arnold. It's a given. Since variety is the spice of life, however, it's refreshing to have a proper '60's van casting that's not an aircooled V-Dub.

That's my attempt at selling you on the Econoline. Actually, it's my attempt at justifying its coolness. That justification is a fruitless exercise, however. You're blind if you don't think the Falcon/Econoline is cool after scrolling through these photos. Enjoy!

Happy Collecting!!

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