Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Orange Crush: A Fanta-stic Porsche Duo!

Craving orange soda pop yet? Indulge my tacky title, and enjoy this beautiful duo from Hot Wheels. Not only is this Porsche pair beautiful, at $1-a-pop (see what I did there) it's cheap too! As collectors, we enjoy themes and patterns across the oft-random mainline. Mattel knows that, and throws us a bone from time to time. And we bite. Or at least I do. How about the recent Tein-decorated Acura Integra to match 2015's S2K? Or the reverse-deco Castrol Ford Escorts?

Well, Mattel's at it again. The 934 RSR Turbo (my favorite Porsche casting) debuted in gloss orange with lace wheels in 2014, evoking the Jagermeister racing theme sans Jag deco for obvious reasons. Fast forward to 2017 and Hot Wheels gives us the Porsche 993 GT2 (my second favorite Porsche casting) in the same gloss orange with silver lace wheels.

The result is a fantastic pairing that deserves to be in any collection, Porsche fan or not. These are arguably Mattel's best two Porsche castings, and side-by-side in the same deco they're even better. No need to start customizing, a perfect match already exists.

Since the 934's been out awhile, I won't discuss it too much. I want to talk 993 briefly, though. The 993 has seen so many impressive iterations. The 934 only has mainlines and a way-too-pricey Toy Fair release. The 993, however has seen a bright yellow Boulevard debut, a Car Culture release and a no-holds-barred Gulf Racing emblazoned offering from the RLC. With so many winning versions, I didn't expect to be overly impressed by the simple, all-orange 993. This plain-Jane 993 mainline holds its own with the big boys, though. KISS (keep it simple, stupid) is at play here, combined with nice front/rear detailing. The plain color really accentuates the castings curves too and makes it look better than some of the busier (and more expensive) 993s.

Enjoy the photos, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Happy Collecting!!

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