Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Some Hot Wheels Castings are Perfect...

Today's November 1st. While I often write my posts a few weeks in advance, it will be a new month when you read this one. It's going to be an exciting month here on the blog. Lots of great diecast will be featured. I've also made some changes to my photo setup and I'm excited about this post because I see the new lighting paying dividends in these photos. Hopefully you'll agree.

Now, about that 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor. I've featured the gray one before but you deserve to see all 3 versions together. The 'liquid blue' debut remains the best release to-date but the 2017 mainline Nitto Tire edition in red is nearly as spectacular. The 'Raptor' paint scheme on the blue debut and gray re-color is busy but it fits. Same goes for the 2017 re-release. It's always nice to get licensing from a real accessory company on a basic $1 Hot Wheels, and although busy, the Nitto deco looks right on the 2017 release.

So decos are good on the Hot Wheels Raptors so far, but what about the casting itself. The Ford Raptor is one of those Hot Wheels castings that just looks perfect, even though you can't exactly put your finger on why it looks so perfect. I probably can explain why the Raptor's such a great casting but I'm too lazy to get overly analytical about the whole thing, especially when the photos tell the story so well. A final point about the Raptor. I'm not even a huge Ford Truck guy in real life. I like the Ranger and that's about it. That's a testament to how well cast this truck is. Enjoy the photos...

Happy Collecting!!


  1. Avoid hiring any contractor showing up in a Raptor. You know he didn't buy that $50k truck by being honest