Wednesday, 28 December 2016

10 Reasons Auto World Ultra Reds are the Coolest Thing in 1/64 Scale...

In my opinion, Auto World Ultra Red chase pieces are the coolest thing in 1/64 scale diecast right now. Not convinced? Here are ten reasons why I'm impressed and you should be too...

1. That Shiny Red Paint

Everyone loves a fast red sports car, so why not choose metallic red for your chase pieces? As pretty as Greenlight Green Machines are, not every car looks great in green. Red, on the other hand? Hard to find a car that doesn't look good in red. Especially shiny metallic red.

2. 1/64 Scale means 1/64 Scale

Greenlight and M2 claim to be 1/64 scale, and are usually pretty close, but Auto World is dead on. You want scale obsessed? Look no further. Everything from the air cleaners under the hood to car manufacturer lettering to side mirrors are perfectly to scale. Fat tires and big wheels? Only if the real thing has 'em.

3. The Details are Astounding

The little details on Auto Worlds are mind-bogglingly intricate. Scroll through the photos slowly and you'll see incredibly nuanced details. Signal lights inside the taillights? There. Little vents on either side of the hood? So small you'll think they're paint chips if you don't look closely. Textured grille? Different colored trim around the grille? You got it.

4. The Hoods Open

Opening parts aren't always a good thing on 1/64 scale cars. Often they make a car feel clunky or hoods fail to close once opened. Not with Auto World. The hoods close tightly and open easily. And instead of a non-descript hunk of metal under the hood, you get an accurately detailed and era-appropriate engine.

5. They're Rare

Auto World doesn't produce their vehicles in massive quantities and Ultra Reds are limited to 3% of the run meaning there are probably less than 200 of most Ultra Reds in existence.

6. They're Perfect for Comparison

Every Auto World casting is perfectly scaled. The red color on each Ultra Red is identical. That makes it easy to really appreciate different vehicles side-by-side and compare notes.

7. Ultra Reds are Relatively Cheap

Compared to some Green Machines and M2 chase pieces, Ultra Reds can be had reasonably cheap on the secondary market.

8. The Packaging is Really Easy to Open but doesn't Come Unglued

As you've probably noticed, I open a lot of my diecast. Nothing is as easy to pop out of the blister as an Auto World. While it might seem like a silly reason to buy a chase pieces, the little gap at the bottom of the blister demonstrates the thought the Auto World team puts into pleasing collectors.

9. You get a Little Collectable Box

Heck, even Matchbox cars don't come with a 'matchbox' anymore. But Auto Worlds do.

10. You Can Keep Track of Your Collection Online

That little 'matchbox' has a code you can scan to upload your car to the 'Auto World' garage. It's essentially a free way to catalogue your Auto World collection online. Cool.

Enjoy the photos!!

Happy Collecting!!

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