Monday, 19 December 2016

2017 Hot Wheels 'C' Case Highlights!

About a month ago we featured the 2017 Hot Wheels 'B' Case Highlights. It took nearly a month to move on to the 'C' case in my area because of how many 'B' cases we got. But here we are, still in 2016 and already on the 3rd case of 2017. There are some real dandies in this one. The Magnus Walker 934 Turbo RSR is the easy winner. It's an absolutely beautiful casting and one of the best Magnus-inspired decos Hot Wheels has appropriated. The Momo-emblazoned Volkswagen Kafer Racer is an instant classic also and the 2017 version of the ever-popular Beatles Yellow Submarine makes its eager debut. The regular Treasure Hunt 'Dragon Blaster' is mind bogglingly atrocious and the Super Treasure Hunt '16 Angels' (which I didn't find) is nearly as horrifying. However, the standard fare makes up for the slack chases as you'll see in the photos below. Enjoy!

'68 Chevy Nova 

 '15 Ford F150

Porsche 934 RSR Turbo

Lamborghini Countach

Volkswagen Kafer Racer

Honda Odyssey

Chevy Silverado


'73 BMW CSL 3.0 Race Car

'67 Pontiac GTO

Dragon Blaster (TH)


The Beatles Yellow Submarine

 Happy Collecting!!

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