Sunday, 4 December 2016

Fresh Diecast: 2017 HW Snow Stormers 5-Pack!

It's still 2016, but Mattel continues to get product to the pegs early. Last week, we featured the first 5-Pack for 2017, the HW Speed Graphics set. Today, we're looking at the 2nd 2017 5-pack, the HW Snow Stormers. The Snow Stormers aren't in the same league as the Speed Graphics, but there are a couple gems in the set.

I picked up the HW Snow Stormers for the Jeep Scrambler. The scale's not really right on the Scrambler, but it's a Hot Wheels icon and an incredibly fun casting to collect. I couldn't pass it up in that cool mint green paint scheme. The rally-style Ford Escort is the other worthy candidate in this set. The matte blue paint scheme looks fantastic with racy tampo work. This car could've been brilliant had Mattel opted for clear windows instead of dog-pee-in-snow yellow. The final noteworthy model from this set is the Sandblaster, an unlicensed Ford Raptor. It's not a bad casting, but not in the same league as the recent licensed Raptor.

The other two castings in the set probably don't interest many of us, but I'll touch on them briefly. The Team Hot Wheels Corkscrew Buggy is actually kind of a cool little dune buggy, but it's too overused and generic for me to pick up more examples. The Snowstormer is a cool concept, but it just looks too weird to enjoy. I'd like to see a more realistic Hot Wheels snowmobile in the future.

So, should you pick up the new Snow Stormers 5-Pack? I say collect what you like. I liked the Jeep Scrambler and the Ford Escort enough to justify the buy. Enjoy!

Happy Collecting!!

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