Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A Slick M2 Ford Econoline and an Awesome RAOK!

 M2 Ford Econolines are awesome. Getting a Target Exclusive M2 Econoline (for free) that's not available in my country is even cooler. That's exactly what happened the other day, when @kpstoys on Instagram and YouTube sent me this beauty of an M2. The Target Exclusive Custom 1965 Ford Econoline looks perfect in a silver/purple custom airbrushed look. Combined with it's low stance, this thing is the penultimate custom van.

The other great feature of this van that needs to be mentioned is the interior detail. The seats have a rounded old school custom look and the interior detail is fantastic from the seats to the steering wheel. Quality also feels a little higher with this model, something I've complained about with previous M2 Machines. The separate grille, bumper and headlamp pieces are awesome as are the molded door lines and painted taillights. This Econoline is highly detailed, but the real story is the mad cool paint scheme and ride height. Enjoy the photos!

P.S., check out KPs Toys on YouTube! You won't regret it.

Happy Collecting!!

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