Wednesday, 7 December 2016

TWDR Votes: Best 2016 Hot Wheels Multipack Exclusive...

This poll should be a fun one. Collectors tend to forget about 5-packs and multipacks, but this year the 5-packs are better and the multipacks contain some hidden gems. It'd be a shame to neglect some of the gems we've seen turn up in multipacks and 5-packs this year. Models like the Datsun 620, Volkswagen Kool Kombi and '62 Chevy Truck have all turned up as multipack-only versions.

Which is your favorite? I'll let you know mine in next Monday's 'TWDR Votes' wrap-up. Enjoy...and don't forget to vote!

What was the BEST 2016 Hot Wheels Multipack Exclusive?

Happy Collecting!!

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