Friday, 2 December 2016

Find Out What Makes this 3-Pack Special...

So what makes this Hot Wheels 3-pack so special? Is it the Vulture? The Honda S200? The El Superfasto? (I didn't make that up by the way...) Of course, it's the S2K that stands out in this 3 pack, but yeah, I know it's not that special. But it's kind of special to me. Or at least I really appreciated finding it on the pegs.

Last Christmas season, Canadian Wal-Marts got a seemingly endless supply of Hot Wheels 3-Packs. Many of them featured the burnt orange Honda S2000 with white PR5 rims that you see here. I contemplated buying one many times, but of course I didn't. There was and endless supply, right? But as it always seems to go with diecast, the minute you start looking for something, it disappears.

As the year went on I began pursuing the S2000 casting. I went back to Wal-Mart to grab a 3-pack, since surely there would be 5 or 10 left. Alas, they were gone. Every time I was in a Wal-Mart this summer, whether it was in Vancouver, Calgary or elsewhere I checked for that darn orange S2K. I was denied by at least 20 Wal-Marts. I never went out of my way to go to a store just to find the S2K, but every time I was in a store, I checked.

Then something cool happened. Last week I stopped into my local Wal-Mart and noticed a bunch of  'new' 3-packs were out. I saw a Corvette in the first 3 pack that I recognized from last Christmas's onslaught of 3-packs. Something in the back of my brain said S2K, but I didn't dare believe it. I started flipping through the 3-packs anyways, and bingo!, there it was a whole year later and right outside my front door.

So, yeah, I was eluded by a stupid $2 mainline for so long that finally finding it was a massive thrill. We probably all have a similar story, what's yours? Let me know in the comments below. Enjoy the photos! Especially that El Superfasto...

Happy Collecting!!

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  1. I passed up on the Speed Machines line and will forever regret it.