Saturday, 3 December 2016

Greenlight Hollywood Series 15 is Here and it Blows Away!

Greenlight Hollywood mixes are always highly anticipated. They tend to feature cool vehicles from our favorite movies and shows, including cult classics like Family Vacation and The Big Lebowski, or TV shows like AMC's hit series Breaking Bad and Walking Dead. Every Hollywood mix to-date has featured some gems, but Series 15, which is just starting to hit stores and online retailers is the best mix to-date.

Part of Hollywood Series 15's awesomeness results from Greenlight throwing us collectors a bone by including 1/64 scale 'extras' with each car. The Vacation Wagon King gets a plastic Aunt Edna who can be placed on the roof. The Talladega Nights Chevelle gets a cougar and the Walking Dead Mustang comes with survival supplies. Then there are the details. It's not just the details but the creativity of them. For example, the Chevy Van from The Big Lebowski gets patchy, primered paint, a muddy windshield that's clear where the wipers have wiped, and even subtler details on the 'Sobchak Security' logo. Finally, the packaging is great. Which is why I haven't opened any of these. I never thought I'd see Steve Buscemi on the front of one of my diecast pieces. Each package has an informative blurb about the movie/TV show on the reverse too.

My favorite car from the set (if you can't guess yet) is the Big Lebowski Chevy Van. Second place for me has to be the Walking Dead Mustang. I still haven't watched the show, but the color is classic, the paint wear is cool and realistic and there's a message written on the windshield. The big Stacey David 4x4 is a hefty casting, perhaps the heftiest any of the big 1/64 manufacturers make. The Once Upon a Time police cruiser is nicely detailed and I like the brown/white State Trooper livery. The Family Vacation Wagon is becoming overdone, but I still can't pass it up. Of course the Talladega Nights Chevelle is a gem with it's big chrome rims and fat slicks.

Enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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