Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Greenlight 'Lost' Film Reel (feat. Green Machine)!

While I'm a huge Greenlight fan, I don't normally pick up Greenlight Film Reels. In fact, this is the first one to join my collection. There are two reasons for that. The first is the sticker shock I get when looking at the price tag. Although Film Reels are actually not a bad deal when you factor in getting 4 different Greenlight models and a collectible film reel tin and all the licensing that goes with it I find myself shying away.

The second reason I tend to pass up Greenlight Film Reels is the vehicle selection. Often the 4-car sets only feature 1 car I might pick up were it a single. The recent Greenlight Lost Film Reel is different, though. 2 of the 4 cars are massive winners, a 3rd isn't far behind and the 'worst' car in the set is actually quite nice. I'd undoubtedly buy 3 of the 4 cars as singles.

The first car to note is the Volkswagen Van. The VW van is easily one of the most underrated Greenlight models in ages. It hasn't received much attention on social media or blogs, but I'm going to say on the record that it deserves it. Yeah, Greenlight did a similar 'Dharma' bus in the Hollywood line, but this thing is next level. The wear/rust/patina/barn find look on the air-cooled van is impressive. Greenlight's done the whole patina thing before, but the level of detail on this van is mind boggling and far more realistic looking than any faux-rust/wear thing Greenlight's done previously. The Lost Film Reel VW Type 2 is one of the coolest things in 1/64 diecast this year. Put some respeck on it!

Next is the Ford Bronco. Yeah, it's cool because it's a Green Machine, but the regular version is nearly as spectacular. The nondescript beige/brown color combo isn't exactly eye-popping, but it's perfectly fitting for a Bronco from this era. Custom Broncos are great, but the stock look is even better. Stock decos lend uniqueness in a diecast world where nearly everything has a 'custom look'. The details on this Bronco are also above average. The California license plates front and rear, opening hood and other details are all fantastic. On top of all that, this is the first time we've seen these wheels on this particular casting. Bonus.

Third place is the 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. This is an older Greenlight casting, but doesn't appear to have any gray hairs. It's stout and sturdy like many of the early Greenlight castings are. It gets an opening hood, fat rubber tires and shiny chrome rims. It doesn't get much better for a 1/64 scale Camaro from the '70's.

The VW Bug is what I consider a good-but-not-great model. Nothing really stands out beyond the detailed license plates. The paint scheme is muted and clean, but the plastic base and lack of flair hold it back. Not a spectacular model, but certainly not too shabby for the 'worst' car in the set.

If Greenlight keeps putting out Film Reels like this, I may become a repeat buyer. Enjoy the photos!!

Happy Collecting!!

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