Friday, 9 December 2016

This One Ticks off all the Boxes...

Sometimes there's no story behind a piece of diecast. It's just a collectable(ish) toy car that we enjoy because it fascinates us. I'm talking about the kind of thing that got us into the hobby in the first place because it looks cool just hanging there on the pegs. The Greenlight Motor World Series 16 VW Panel Van in Firestone deco is the perfect example of what I'm talking about.

There's nothing really special here, no rare variation, it's not a chase piece, the real thing isn't hyper-unique, it's not a new casting, but it does look cool. It also ticks off all the boxes for me: licensed tampo work, cool casting, good value and Greenlight. I'm a big fan of Firestone licensing, and the old-school tire delivery van theme works really well here with the checkered flag tampos. The VW panel van is a nice little Greenlight casting. Actually it's a former High Speed casting, but became a Greenlight casting after the latter's acquisition of the former in 2012. Okay, so maybe there is a bit of a story in there somewhere...

Story or not, my point is that whoever designed the VW Panel Van designed it well and it looks particularly good in a realistic, licensed and nostalgic livery like this Firestone one. The lower price tag that comes with Motor Worlds doesn't hurt either! Forget story time, enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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