Thursday, 1 December 2016

Licensing Galore: The HW Speed Graphics 5-Pack!

I was lucky enough to find the HW Speed Graphics 5-Pack at Wal-Mart sooner than I expected to. The casting I'm most excited about is easily the Corvette Grand Sport. It's one of my favorite Hot Wheels Corvette castings. Think of it as the Greenwood of 2nd-gen Vettes. The livery is fantastic on the Grand sport. Clean grayish-silver with sleek, accurate Good-Year tampos on the sides. The second best in the bunch is the Ford GT-40 LM. It gets second place more for being a Ford GT than it does for the deco, although the dark blue and white Sparco livery works well.

The LM and Grand Sport are the gems of the set, but what about the other 3 cars? The GReddy Toyota Supra looks good in red and is 3rd best in the otherwise American-born set. The graphics are a little busy, but the Supra is a worthy casting. 4th and 5th place are a toss up. I kind of like the Dodge Charger Drift in the Hella tampos and matte black paint. It looks cartoonish, but it's a fun cartoonish. The '15 Custom Mustang casting is cartoony as well and I can't get past that. The Penzoil deco is phenomenal, but why not put it on a better Mustang casting like the recent GT350R or even an old school beauty like the Mach 1?

While the HW Speed Graphics set is a worthy 5-pack, it's not a great 5-pack like the recent Exotics set is. I say that for 2 reasons. The first is the lack of front/rear tampos. There is no tampo work on the front or rear ends of any of these cars. That's a shame. I know Mattel wants to present a flashy 5-pack that kids and collectors will grab off the pegs, but are some headlights too much to ask? Secondly, casting choice could've been far better. The Grand Sport, GT-40 LM and Supra made sense, but the Charger could've easily been replaced with the recent Hellcat and the Mustang could've been replaced with any of the other 20 Hot Wheels Mustang castings out there that look better.

I still picked up the pack, and at the end of the day I'm a fan, but it leaves a little to be desired. Enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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