Thursday, 8 December 2016

TWDR Votes: Best 2016 Hot Wheels New Model (Mainline Debut)...

We saw some great new Hot Wheels models debut in premium lines this year. Arrivals included the Alfa Guilia Sprint, Mazda RX-3 and Nissan 2020. I've included most of those models in the 'best retail premium model' poll from Monday. You can find that poll in the sidebar----> by scrolling down to the polls. For this poll, we're leveling the playing field by focusing only on $1 casting debuts.

I've included a dozen worthy models to vote for, but only one can emerge victorious. Which will it be? The Porsche 356A? The BMW CSL? Let's find out. Enjoy!

What was the BEST 2016 Hot Wheels New Model-Mainline Debut?

Happy Collecting!!

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